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Space Academy

Dr. Leahu Dental Clinic , Bucharest

'villa with dentists, games and children'

Dr. Leahu's network of dental clinics starts with a unique business concept and a spectacular marketing vision, which involves both graphic design, architecture and interior design. Such a space is also recently inaugurated Dr. Leahu "Space Academy" from Bucharest, near Victoriei Square, in an interwar villa initially used as an embassy. The branding operation involved graphic design through Andra Badea's captivating creations and digital games specially created for the clinic. The children who arrive here get in touch with a play tour. First, they receive a bracelet from the reception, then they discover the play area where they can connect to the original games. The projection screens at some point send the children the invitation to the dental offices, depending on the schedule and in a very subtle way, as if the meeting with the dentist were part of the playful mission fulfilment, captivatingly concluded with earning points of reward and a badge attesting the level reached during the game. The fun is intertwined with education about correct care of the teeth, the digital interaction culminating in Exploration, the simulator that allows the control of games with the whole body, following the theme of space flight.

'a complex marketing concept intertwined with design'

Minimalist lamps with LED sources become light rods and planes, like a game with a set of abstract pieces, suspended in space with a directional intention to the playground equipped with hi-tech consoles. Even if we find screens and video projectors everywhere, the space theme is not exaggeratedly futuristic as it seems from the name: "Space Academy" is a friendly, warm, playful place, not a simplistic spaceship scenography.

'a reinvented interior'

There are several recognizable design elements for the network of Dr. Leahu clinics, especially with a reference to the recent clinic opened in Oradea, previously made by the Studio3plus team: furniture elements adapted to the constraints of the existing space, the dental office as an occasion for an imaginary trip, protective spaces for waiting patients, the use of colours as elements of unification and spatial continuity, the chromatic strategy based on turning colours in all three dimensions so as to visually "cut" the spaces and articulate them at the same time in a harmonious whole.

The remarkable balance between the abstract elements of the intervention (finishes, furniture, lighting fixtures) and the figurative ones (murals with the fantastic story theme) makes the arrangement not seem a simple aesthetic exercise of professional virtuosity self-sufficient and aligned with trends in this field. Rather, it acquires a multidirectional, enveloping meaning, like a cheerful conversation in a community of spaces/rooms/cabinets, each with its own story, with a specific colour, with an identity formulated without hesitation by the very conception of the project. Children and adults perceive differently this conversation between indoor spaces but live together with the qualities of a memorable experience. Its intensity convinces patients to return to "Space Academy" without fear of the dentist, only with the desire for a new playful adventure, among the stories and discoveries of childhood that are never forgotten.

  • Client Dr. Leahu Dental Clinic
  • Design Studio3Plus
  • Floor area TODO
  • Photography TODO
  • Construction TODO
  • Murals artist Andra Badea